Michael Wasson

Wasson Photo

Michael Wasson is originally from Lenore, Idaho, on the Nez Perce Reservation. He is niimíipuu and an enrolled member of the Nez Perce Tribe. While growing up, his mother often moved him and his older brother between contrasting landscapes: rural and urban, rainy forests and the high desert, as well as both modern and historical settings of the reservation.

Michael served several years as a language transcriber and technician for the Nez Perce Language Program’s revitalization and preservation efforts while earning a BA from Lewis-Clark State College. He is now an MFA poetry candidate at Oregon State University where he teaches writing. His work is included or forthcoming in Weave Magazine, American Indian Culture and Research Journal, Yellow Medicine Review, and Talking River among others. In addition, Michael has volunteered every summer in Fukushima since the 2011 tsunami disaster to work with an elderly farming community that holds onto its traditional weaving practices. He currently lives in Corvallis, Oregon.

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